2018-02-27 ESU-DK Public Speaking Competition, 1st Semi-Final


ESU Denmark, Public Speaking Semi-Finals.

Venue: Ordrup Gymnasium, Den Blå Sal
Introduction to the semi finals by Claire Clausen
The nineteen speakers were: 

1. Alexander Dilling Auerbach, (Rungsted Gymnasium), Shape the World
2. Andreas Løvengreen, (Espergærde Gymnasium), Born in a duck’s nest
3. Anne-Marie Kragh Jespersen, (Frederiksborg Gymnasium), Be your own inventor
4. Astrid Sloth Larsen, (Frederiksborg Gymnasium), The Art of Science
5. Aria John Sadigh, (Øregård Gymnasium), The Path Towards Our Future
6. August Hellgren Düver, (Gribskov Gymnasium), Redefining the thesis statement
7. Carl Lundsbøl Wernerson, (Gribskov Gymnasium), Linguistics and artistry
8. Frederik Willems Hundborg, (Sankt Annæ Gymnasium), The Art of Failure
9. Ida Mørch, (Espergærde Gymnasium), Six words
10. Ida Tøttrup Brennum, (Christianshavns Gymnasium),  The future is here, and it’s spelled G-M-O
11. Jeppe Rundin Cordsen, (Ordrup Gymnasium), Inventing or predicting the future?
12. Johanne Erecius,’ (Stenhus Gymnasium), Old habits die hard
13. Mathilde Bloch, (Virum Gymnasium), Property of the World
14. Marcus Lucas Østerlund, (Rungsted Gymnasium) Who Dares, Wins
15. Marie Munk Boje-Larsen, (Virum Gymnasium), To Ask the Wrong Questions
16. Miranda Wernay Dagsson, (Christianshavns Gymnasium), Let democratic confidence shape our future
17. Vanessa Christina Sevidova, (Øregård Gymnasium),  Am I an Artist?
18. Victoria Lisek, (Copenhagen International School),  Great artists have no country
19. Jacob Elias Kofoed Hviid, (Sankt Annæ Gymnasium),  Unaffiliated


After giving their feedback the judges decided which five participants should go forward to the final. (Names in bold)

Click on any picture to see the gallery in full size.


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