ESU Debating Cup 2017 – Preliminaries S

Monday 13th – Friday 17th November 2017

Arranged jointly by Herlev Gymnasium, Næstved Gymnasium and The English-Speaking Union (ESU-DK)


Our two mentors who were recruited from the ESU-HQ in London, led training sessions for both students and teachers and organised and judged the debates.
They were Georgia McGinlay, from Glasgow who is a law student from Strathclyde University and Kane McLaughlin, from N Ireland who is studying economics and politics at the University of Leeds.

The training sessions and preliminary rounds were held on Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th at Næstved Gymnasium for the Southern area.

Næstved Gymnasium & HF (1, 2 & 3)
Midt Sjællands Gymnasium (Ringsted)
Midt Sjællands Gymnasium (Haslev)
Kalundborg Gymnasium (1 & 2)
Køge Gymnasium (1 & 2)

Preliminary rounds

Motion: This house would impose a gender quota for the American Congress.
Midt Sjællands Gymnasium (Ringsted) – Kalundborg (1)
Køge (1) v Næstved (1)

Motion: This house believes that social media has done more harm than good.
Aarhus v Midt Sjællands Gymnasium (Haslev)
Kalundborg (2) v Næstved (2)

Motion: This house would stop foreign aid to countries with poor human-rights records.
Køge (2) v Næstved (3)

Quarter Finals South
Motion: This house believes that capitalism is evil.
Næstved (1) v Næstved (2)
Kalundborg (2) v Køge (1)

Winners: Næstved (2) and Kalundborg



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