2017-03-22 – Harnessing the Power of The Cloud

Venue: Hilton Copenhagen, 22 March 2017

Conference:    Harnessing the Power of The Cloud “Opportunities and Challenges in a Globalised World”



Opening Remarks:

Gareth Garvey, CEO, BCCD
H.E Dominic Schroeder, British Ambassador to Denmark
Deo Delaney, Conference Chair, BCCD
Thomas Bernt Henriksen, Principal Moderator, Chief Debate Editor, Børsen

Governing the Cloud

Opening Keynote: Brad Smith, President & Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft Corporation  Ensuring the Development of an Inclusive and Trusted Cloud
Keynote: Mikk Lellsaar, Executive Officer, Estonian Government Cloud, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, Estonia. “The Cloud”- The Next Step for an Advanced E-society

Panel Discussion  An Environment that Seizes the Benefits of the Cloud Revolution

Mikk Lellsaar, Head, Estonian Government Cloud
Marianne Dahl Steensen, CEO Microsoft Denmark
Frank Mong, VP Palo Alto Networks

From Industry: Using The Cloud

Keynote: Laura Lochman, Chargé D’Affaires, US Embassy Copenhagen   The US Government Perspective: ‘The Cloud’ Supporting Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness in the Private Sector

Keynote: Morten Schou, CIO, Bluegarden “Using the Cloud”: A Danish IT Giant’s Perspective

Panel Discussion   The Cloud: Reshaping Industries and Society

Freddy Lykke, CEO, Sirenia
Morten Schou, CIO, Bluegarden
Sergio Llorian, CEO, Voiceboxer

The Way Forward: How to Ensure the Cloud Revolution Benefits Society

Keynote: Steve Latchem, Chief Architect, Information Systems & Services, UK Ministry of Defence   Securely Exploiting the Cloud and Mobility in Defence.

Panel Discussion  Addressing the Challenges of the Cloud

Introduction: Aral Balkan, CEO Ind.ie  Beyond the Cloud- Digital Rights or Human Rights

Steve Latchem, Chief Architect, Information Systems & Services, UK Ministry of Defence
Freddy Lykke, CEO, Sirenia
Aral Balkan, CEO Ind.ie

Closing Remarks
Michael Vedsø, Deputy Head EU Commission Representation in Denmark


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