2017-03-01 ESU-DK Public Speaking Competition, 2nd Semi-Final


ESU Denmark, Public Speaking Semi-Finals.

Venue: Ordrup Gymnasium, Den Blå Sal
Introduction to the semi finals by Claire Clausen
The eleven speakers were:

1. William Vishof Steffensen (Ordrup Gymnasium) Can Definitions be Changed?
2. Stine Marie Borg (Frederiksborg Gymnasium) My Mexican Friend
3. Daniel Nørremark (Gribskov Gymnasium) Definitions limit our humanity?
4. Frederikke Paarup Tiedt (Stenhus Gymnasium) Boys don’t wear nail polish
5. Storm Kornerup (Øregård Gymnasium) Flying Car?
6. Astrid Grove Vind Jensen (Christianshavns Gymnasium) Limit the grades, not the students
7. Julie Klein-Ipsen (Ordrup Gymnasium) Girls are . . . Boys are . . .
8. Caroline Hertha Smid Jonsson (Gribskov Gymnasium) Putting People into Boxes
9. Ida Juliane Bundgaard (Stenhus Gymnasium) Our Future
10. Aria John Sadigh (Øregård Gymnasium) To Fear Fat Is to Limit
11. Lucas Johannes Rump (Christianshavns Gymnasium) Why are we so hateful?

After giving their feedback the judges decided which four participants should go forward to the final. (Names in bold)

Click on any picture to see the gallery in full size.


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