2015-02-25 ESU-DK Public Speaking Competition, Second Semi-Final

ESU Denmark, Public Speaking Semi-Finals.
Theme “Culture is not a luxury, but a necessity”.
Venue: Ordrup Gymnasium

Introduction to the semi finals by Claire Clausen

1 – Andreas Snekloth Kongsgaard, “Why faster is slower”, Skt Annæ Gymnasium
2 – Sebastian Scott Engen, “No more Monkey business”, Nærum Gymnasium
3 – Olivia, Marthina Jacquot Kinch Vestergaard, Gribskov Gymnasium
4 – Hannah Tholstrup, “Danish Culture seen from Abroad”, Øregaard Gymnasium
5 – Nina Damkær Thorsen, “Freedom of Speech”, Øregaard Gymnasium
6 – Caroline Berendt Andersen, “Youth Culture with Impact”, Køge Gymnasium
7 – Annika Slothuus Høi, “The Human Petri Dish”, Køge Gymnasium
8 – Øzlem Turan, Københavns Private Gymnasium
9 – Ümmü Gülsüm, Københavns Private Gymnasium
10 – Carl Alexander Groth, “The Inevitable Problem of Culture”, CIS
11 – Minni Agyeben, “Re-imagining Who We Are”, CIS
12 – Magnus Søderberg, “Identity brought on by Culture – a theory regarding the needs of man”, KNord, Hillerød

After giving their feedback the judges decided which four participants should go forward to the final. (Names in bold)

Click on any picture to see the gallery in full size.


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