2015.01.23 Lunch: Brian Mayne – Life Lifter


BCCD lunch for January 2015

Venue: The Royal

Guest speaker: Brian Mayne – international speaker, author, trainer and Chairman of Lift International spoke about:  Goal Mapping – The simple system for sustainable success.

Brian is a very convincing speaker, who has won prizes for his speaking ability.

His major inspiration was based on an observation that good and bad thoughts both affect our brains physically, but in different ways. This perhaps explains why one of his favourite measures of his success is how well his ideas work with sceptics.

Born into a family of travelling showmen, Brian Mayne left school early with no qualifications. At thirty he was suddenly almost a million pounds in debt, homeless, divorced and virtually illiterate. A personal development course then completely changed his life. He taught himself to read and paid off his debts.

Over the last 20 years, his Goal Mapping has affected the lives of more than 3 million people in over 30 countries. His goal is 7 million. Its users range from multi-national businesses, schools and sports teams, to well-being practitioners, weight-loss experts, world-champion athletes, as well as countless individuals.

The message he presented to us in person is reinforced by very active presence on the social media, books and audios.


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