2014.11.21 Lunch: Henning Christophersen

BCCD lunch for November 2014
Venue: The Royal
Guest speaker: Henning Christophersen, the Chairman of a new working group of the European Commission for a multi-billion euro investment programme.

The title of Mr Christophersen’s speech was: The New Large EU Infrastructure Programme

This speech was an eye-opener in which Mr Christophersen very skilfully, and not without humour, explained how the EU’s new large (i.e. gigantic) infrastructure fund can be leveraged by private investments to provide greater levels of economic growth.

In hammering home his credentials this consummate politician displayed his prestigious memory; a stream of names that soon became a real blast from the past. As leader of Venstre, Foreign Minister and Finance Minister he was a regular part of the standard fare served up by DR in its heyday as a monopoly channel. For the geologically interested he appeared in the same strata as Anker Jørgensen and in-between Paul Hartling and Uffe Ellemann-Jensen. (Across the North Sea, the Yes Minister and the Spitting Images series appear in the same strata.)

From his subsequent time in Brussels he was able to give us insights into what few of us have experienced – the thought patterns involved in playing Monopoly on a really grand scale, with players like Margaret Hilda and with the streets, houses, hotels, stations and utilities of the whole EU.

His spitting image, Sir Topham Hatt, controlled all the infrastructure in the gentler world of the Island of Sodor. One wonders how this massive infrastructure programme could come to affect that island. One could imagine that in some future episode Thomas will be confronted by a newly excavated statue of Ozymandias.


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