2014-06-11 Post EU elections conversation

Post EU elections conversation: What should businesses expect?
– Taking the pulse of the EU as a consequence of the 25 May elections.

Venue: Hotel d’Angleterre

Experts with their mental positions from near the physical extremes of the EU joined with the BCCD to give their views on and discuss the potential futures directions which they hoped or reasoned might hap.

Welcoming remarks:
Mariano A. Davies, President & CEO, BCCD

Ole Krohn (Business Journalist, TV2) & Tasneem Brogger (Managing Editor, Nordics at Bloomberg News)

The faith of the Greeks in EU politics and institutions
Harris Ikonomopoulos is the managing director of Ikonomopoulos & Partners law firm and president of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce in Athens. He is also the publisher of Eleftherotypia (Greek: Ελευθεροτυπία meaning “freedom of the press”) which produces the Greek language news website http://www.enet.gr together with an English language site www.EnetEnglish.gr

How do the Danes see the EU?
Rebecca Adler-Nissen, is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen and a former Head of Section in the Department of European Policy, at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Will the Euro survive?
Prof. Niels Christoffer Thygesen has been called the most influential Danish economist ever. He is Professor Emeritus of International Economics at the University of Copenhagen and was a member of the Delors Committee that drafted the European Monetary Union (EMU) policy in 1988. Indeed, he was the only professional academic economist on the committee, and was one of three ‘personalities’ designated to join the 12 central bank heads and commission representatives.

What is the British position on the EU and the single market?
William (The Earl of) Dartmouth was elected as the UKIP MEP for the South West England region in the European Parliamentary election of 2009 and then re-elected in 2014. There he is a member of the committees of international trade and foreign affairs. By profession a Chartered Accountant, he was educated at Eton, Oxford and Harvard and sat as a Conservative Peer in the House of Lords from 1997 until the number of hereditary peers was reduced in 1999. He left the Conservatives and joined The UK Independence Party in 2007

Aston Martin, Bloomberg, Børsen, D’Angleterre and TV2 sponsored this event.


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