2014-02-19 Event: Food for Thought: New Nordic 2014


Venue: Nordea, Skt. Clemens Torv, Aarhus

Francis Cardenau, Paul Cunningham, Thorsten Schmidt and Line Holler Mielby.
Panel Discussion – Moderator Mariano A. Davies

Francis Cardenau is one of the team behind some of Copenhagen’s most successful restaurants including, Le Sommelier, Umami and MASH. The Telegraph described MASH in London as a “Hit Steak House run by Gastronomic rock stars!” He was the first chef in Denmark to achieve two Michelin stars for his cuisine.

Paul Cunningham is the head chef at Henne Kirkeby Kro in western Jutland. He is British and received a Michelin Star for his cuisine at The Paul in 2004. He is the author of 7 cookbooks.

Thorsten Schmidt is the head chef at Ruths Hotel in Skagen. He has been said to be destined to become the Heston Blumenthal of Denmark – the King of molecular cuisine.

Line Holler Mielby is a researcher at Aarhus University in the Department of Food Science – Food, Metabolomics and Sensory Science. She completed her PhD thesis “Affective response of adolescents towards fruit and vegetable based snacks – a methodological approach” in September 2012.

The discussions were lively and very good natured.


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