2013-11-15 Debating Finals 2013 at Herlufsholm School

Herlufsholm School

Herlufsholm School

A Joint ESU Denmark and Herlufsholm School event, 11th-15th November 2013, with Anna England-Kerr (Speech and Debate Projects Officer, ESU Headquarters, Dartmouth House, London) and Ioan Nascu (Debate Trainer and Adjudicator) as mentors. Their travel from and to London was by courtesy of British Airways. They spent Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th a.m. in Ordrup mentoring Ordrup and Virum Gymnasiums. On Tuesday 12th p.m., Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th they mentored Næstved Gymnasium, Slagelse Gymnasium and Herlufsholm School at Herlufsholm.

The Semi-Finals and Finals were held at Herlufsholm School on Friday November 15th with the mentors Anna and Ioan as judges.

Semi-Final 1:
This house believes that war memorials should commemorate the fallen on both sides of the conflict.
Proposition – Slagelse Gymnasium (Nadja Rosing, Shabnam Baig & Emilie Torp)
Opposition – Herlufsholm (Emma Louise Storm Goss, Philip Voss Snedker & Tazha Ako)
The motion was defeated.

Semi-Final 2:
This house would abolish the right of veto in the UN Security Council.
Proposition – Ordrup Gymnasium (Carl-Emil Schultz, Anna Heegaard & Josephine Boel Andreasen)
Opposition – Næstved Gymnasium (Camilla Nygaard Christensen, Kyle Peter Hoby Holman & Alexander Mindahl Reenberg)
The motion was defeated.

Final Debate, Presents and Prizes

Motion: – “This house believes that multi-culturism has failed.”
Proposition – Næstved Gymnasium
Opposition – Herlufsholm
The motion was passed.

Festivities: Guided tour of the school by the Headmaster Klaus Eusebius Jakobsen and Luncheon Reception


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